Sculptor & Painter


Sculptural Portraits of Pope Francis


I have been bestowed the honour of getting personally acquainted with one of the best people in this world, Pope Francis. I admire the greatness of his spirit, as well as his steps that offer inspiration. The light of his heart shows us the way – Christians as well as others.
I am the only sculptor, whom Pope Francis authorised to create his bust in stone. This for me signifies an exceptional honour and the highlight of my artistic creation.
In order for me to present the image of the spirit of the Holy Father in stone as well as possible, I have made seven different portrait studies in bronze. The sculptures attempt to depict different states of his spirit and are therefore named the »Seven Endless Moments of Pope Francis«.
»The Moment of Insight« was carved into white Carrara marble.
I felt the duty to ask God about what my work could mean for this world and the good of its people. I have received an answer.
The personality of the Holy Father, as well as his image, are very important for Christians, therefore the sculptures bearing the image of Pope Francis could become the vessels of his spirit and the messengers of his ideas in the wider world.
The Holy Father approved that all eight portraits will be on display for the public in the Vatican for a certain time. I wish that the bronze portraits would later on find their place among the people in Christian centres across the world.
I am also pondering the possibility of the bronze portraits to be bought as charity items by the rich individuals, in order for them to be donated to certain cathedrals, and the money thus collected could be entirely bestowed on those in need of help.
Thus, in my own way, I might follow ideas of the Holy Father and inspire my work with a deeper meaning.

Mik Simcic
sculptor and painter